About The Artist

Carly Long.jpg

Carly is a passionate, hopeful and budding young artist. Self-taught, she began her art career by painting photographs of people. By focusing on the intimate features and details that tell the stories of others - piercing eyes, curved lips, the slight arch of a brow, she realized that with every outline, every accent of light, she could bring these photographs back to life. 

Carly was once told that happiness is achieved when it includes a balance of three key components: pleasure, people and purpose. In her first year, Carly saved 50% of all proceeds to donate to her cousin’s special education school, The Talk Institute. To this day, she has continued to pay it forward through her paintings. 

This time, Carly is taking to the canvas again to help her friends and family in St. John (U.S. Virgin Islands), a place she’s long visited and had been working with wedding and lifestyle photographer Anne Bequette of STJ Creative Photography. The recent calamities caused by Hurricane Irma have left her loved ones without homes, material possessions and basic human needs. Many are stranded, with no power, limited supplies, and only their strength and endurance to get through what can only be described as "utter devastation". 

Now, having her paint, brushes and canvases as resources, Carly is selling off every piece she has (and creating some new custom works) to raise as much funding and support to help her second family during this difficult time. For the next month, ALL proceeds will be sent directly to the "Love for Love City Foundation", a fund dedicated to rebuilding what was once the beautiful and bustling island of St. John. With your support we know that we'll be able to make a difference and bring the Love back to our Love City.