St. John - The Aftermath

Winds over 200 miles per hour, while a group of 17 of us, children and five dogs, barricaded a door that those winds wanted to take from us. Three hours of excruciating ear popping, howling, banging, crying, praying, screaming children, hugs, last words…I’m in shock. I don’t know how we survived. But we did.”
“We have limited communication from our friends down there but what we know is this: They need help, desperately. They have no power (the estimate for when power will be restored is January-February) no water, limited food and some have no shelter or clothes with another storm on the way tomorrow. They also have no way to get off the island since ports and airports are closed. The hospital on STT is destroyed and there is no hospital on St. John, so they have no blood and chainsaws are the only way to get through much of the debris. Due to disaster protocol, the government is blocking all boats from coming into St. John with supplies, so there are more boats than I can count waiting in St. Croix full of supplies with nowhere to go.”

We waited anxiously for hours as Hurricane Irma raged on, and it wasn’t until Thursday morning that anyone could truly see the vast damage that was done. Scrolling through Facebook, we found post after post (like the ones mentioned above) recounting stories of bravery, hope and the desolation left in Irma's wake.

While many news stations focus on the wreckage in other neighboring islands, St. John is often unannounced. But the people living on this beautiful island are in need of our help more than ever. With your donations you’ll be able to ensure that our loved ones, our fellow Americans, are being sent the love and support they truly deserve.